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We are excited to announce that we will be launching our first online health coaching program, starting June 4th! 

What is health coaching anyway? With the wealth of information, products, and resources out there all geared toward health and wellness, it can be overwhelming at times to find and make lifestyle changes that work for you. Often if you find something that works for the short-term, you may struggle finding ways to make a program work for you long-term. Health coaching helps you make lifestyle changes step-by-step, so that these new healthy habits are easier to maintain long-term. 

Our new online health coaching program provides you with:
  • Group support from people working toward health and wellness goals just like you.
  • Weekly meal plans, complete with grocery lists and meal prep guides.
  • Weekly group health coaching, that focuses on a different aspect of healthy habits each week. 
  • Weekly fitness challenges, to get you moving and keep you motivated. 
  • Free bonus guides, cookbooks, and more for as long as you as a member!

Membership to our online health coaching program will open on May 28th, with your first weekly meal plan uploading on May 31st so that you are all ready to go when the program begins on Monday, June 4th. In the meantime, we are celebrating the launch of this new program by sharing our first seasonal cookbook for Summer 2018. Sign up for updates, and to receive your copy below!